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Everyone on this page has enlisted to serve people like you, who come through the Resilience Hub looking for appropriate, professional and meaningful forms of therapy.

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Allen Kanerva Trauma Team NLP

Allen Kanerva, MA

The Trauma Team Lead, NLP Practitioner

Allen is a former military officer and pilot, humanitarian worker, and International NLP Trainer and NLP Master Coach. He uses the most sophisticated and rigorously researched tools in neuroscience that address post-traumatic stress (PTS) without drugs, without re-experiencing trauma, and with a 90% success rate.

The Trauma Team consists of 15 Psychotherapists & NLP Practitioners on staff. When you request a consultation with Allen and his team, you may be connected with another member of The Trauma Team.

Kelley Crowe Trauma Coach Life Coach

Kelley Crowe

Neurolinguistics Practitioner, Trauma Coach, Life Coach and Founder of Resilience Hub Canada

Kelley has volunteered within her community for over a decade and is passionate about helping others. She was the recipient of the Women Building Better Communities Award Canada for her outstanding contributions volunteering within her community.

She is the founder of Resilience Hub Canada, a non-profit established to remove the financial barriers which prevent people from getting the help they need.

Kelley truly believes in building support networks for individuals within their community. She facilitates connections for people to find resources needed to heal and live their best life.

Typical Availability:

Thursday evenings; 3pm – 9pm EST
Meetings conducted in-person and virtually.

Beth Sturdevant Spiritual Healer Mindfulness Facilitator

Beth Sturdevant

Spiritual Healer, Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness Facilitator

Beth is passionate about helping people find their purpose, heal their suffering and reclaim the warrior within. She has dedicated herself over the past several years to learning and using highly effective Shamanic spiritual and energetic practices to help people from all walks of life overcome life’s adversities and eliminate emotional and spiritual pain and suffering from their lives.

Beth is passionate about helping both individuals and entire organizations become the best versions of themselves. She is steadfast in her belief that the healing of people leads to not just the betterment of those who are healed, but also the people around them and their communities. And, it’s through the healing of the world’s people that the world itself will become a better place.

Her greatest source of fulfillment is in being a dedicated, caring and compassionate resource to those who are trying to find deeper meaning and peace in their lives.

Typical Availability:

Available full time, either in-person or virtually.

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